Swale Canyon in the Oregonian

Today The Oregonian has the Klickitat Trail featured. Also know as the Klickitat Rail Trail this rails-to-trails goes over 30 miles from Lyle all the way to Warwick, Washington. This treail is also known as the Swale Canyon Trail. Read the article HERE.

The Dalles Plateau

Steve Jones went on a gravel bike ride Saturday in rural Wasco County. Started from the Dalles and headed south. I never know there were so many views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams south of The Dalles. We could see one or the other for about half our ride. There is an awesome descent on Skyline Road back to the Dalles overlooking a deep valley and the Columbia River. The cherry trees are just about to bloom in the orchards south of the Dalles. Taking a drive up Pleasant Ridge Road and connecting to Skyline Road for the return would be a very scenic drive.