Chinook Trail Association Mission, Vision, and Values


The mission of the Chinook Trail Association is to enhance the Columbia River Gorge by creating a backcountry route that connects communities with the natural beauty of the region.


The Chinook Trail Association aspires to protect and expand the Chinook National Recreation Trail to complete a bi-state scenic loop in the Columbia River Gorge.


Accessibility – We believe nature is an inclusive space for all who seek its lessons and benefits.  The Chinook Trail has much to offer and is open to anyone who wishes to share in its gifts.

Stewardship – We promote a culture of stewardship that results in the protection of the Columbia River Gorge natural environment.

Economic Opportunity – The Chinook Trail Association believes every Gorge community should have an opportunity for economic growth.  To that end the Chinook Trail Association strives to have a positive impact on the livelihood and earning potential of every town within its reach.

Collaboration – We will partner with outdoor organizations, government agencies, and private landowners to promote, protect and enhance the Chinook Trail.