Bells Mountain

The Bells Mountain trail may be accessed from Moulton Falls County Park or from Cold Creek Campground. The trail is accessible to hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders. The Bells Mountain trail is a low elevation trail that stays below 1,500 feet at its highest point, however, one can expect cold temperatures and even snow at the higher elevations in the winter and early spring.

The seven and a half mile trail hike from Cold Creek Campground to Moulton Falls goes through an Alder and Douglas fir forest with some glimpses of Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helen’s through the trees. The trail passes through several clear-cut areas, some of them are very recent. The main attraction of this trail is that it crosses nearly forty streams. It follows along Cedar creek for much of the way, sometimes at creek level and occasionally at the edge of a valley high above the creek. Most of the streams flow year round although a few are dry in the summer. Bells Mountain trail is an important link from Moulton Falls County Park to the Silver Star Mountain area. A hiker can start at the park and follow the trail system to the Tarbell Trail, connect to Kloochman Butte and Ed’s trail up to the peak of Silver Star Mountain; a total distance of 15 miles.