Forest Road 41

.This section of the Chinook Trail uses Forest Road 41 from the Bluff Mountain Trailhead east to Mowich Camp and on the abandoned Road 41 to the Pacific Crest Trail. The route follows a moderate grade along a quiet forest road.

Much of the road is along a ridgeline and there are several places along the way that provide distant views of the surrounding volcanic peaks.

The trail passes 4th of July Camp which has a seasonal spring and Springs Camp which has water all year long. This route also crosses one nice-sized creek which can be filtered for a water source.

Just past Mowich Camp Forest 41 is permanently closed and is used section of the Chinook Trail. This section of the Chinook Trail on the Pacific Crest Trail. The abandoned section of road is also known as the Sunset-Hemock Road. Connect to the Pacific Crest Trail by  either using a waytrail or continue to the old Sedum Ridge Trail and walk 30 feet to the south and join the Pacific Crest Trail.