Weldon Wagon Trail

The trailhead can be easy to miss so check the odometer and look at the trailhead picture in the photo gallery.

Go past the chained gate and walk up the gravel road.

After walking up the gravel road for about 500 feet you can see the sign for the Weldon Wagon Road on the right and a footpath leading off the road. Follow the footpath into the trees and up the hill.

The trail climbs gently and soon rises above the forest floor. Here the trees change abruptly from pine and fir to white oaks. The underbrush thins and the views open up between the trees. The white oaks vary in size from youngsters to stocky trees that are over 100 years old.

There are nice views of Mt. Hood in the distance to the south and Augspurger Mountain towards the west. After travelling uphill about 1.8 miles the trail suddenly makes a turn to the left and enters a fir and hemlock forest.

The wagon trail leaves the forest and heads down a grassy track along a tree farm and past some rusting farm equipment to the Sanborn Road Trailhead. Seeing the old farm equipment makes you think about the past and how technology has changed farming.