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by Steve Jones

Ed Blodgett and I took advantage of wonderful day Tuesday February 9th and snowshoed from above the quarry on the DNR 1180 Road up an old Jeep trail to the Chinook Trail. This route is fairly safe from avalanches and avoids driving to the FR 4109 trailhead.

The conditions were just below freezing on the way up and the rime ice as thick on tree branches. On the way to the summit we saw a coyote looking for a meal. We didn’t see any people on the way up and just two on the way down. One man was hoping to parasail off the summit and land at the quarry.

Ed was telling me about the old trail to Ft. Simcoe that went over the saddle between Silver Star and the false summit, then continued along the ridge toward Little Baldy. Ed has done quite a bit of exporting around Little Baldy and there are some old trails in that area.

The snow depth varied from about 4 inches where we parked to about 6 feet near the summit of Silver Star.

The weather warmed as we returned and we passed beneath trees dripping from melting snow. This trip offers great scenery as long as you don’t mind the route being uphill almost the entire way. We snowshoed about 5 1/4 miles and gained about 1,700 feet.